Father’s Rights Advocacy:

Mr. Drage has actively fought to protect father’s rights for the past eight years. He has argued many cases before the Utah Supreme Court and Utah Court of Appeals solely on the issue of preserving and protecting a father’s right to raise his child. Many of these cases involve a pregnant woman traveling to Utah solely for the purpose to deliver and place her child for adoption. These women have traveled to Utah to exploit the Utah adoption laws so as to provide the least amount of notice, or no notice, to the child’s father. This type of conduct is deceitful, maniacal, heartless and ignores the many good fathers who desire to raise their children.

If you, as a potential father, find yourself in this situation, or one similar to it, DO NOT HESITATE. YOU MAY LOSE ANY RIGHTS YOU HAVE TO YOUR CHILD. In order to protect your right as a father to your unborn, or new born, child you must act immediately to file and register the necessary paperwork in order to preserve your rights and prevent your child from being placed for adoption..

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